Baby Hazel Grandparents Day

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Baby Hazel and her family celebrate quite atypical holiday - Granparends Day. There is an internetional day of seniors, but this is something different, something special. Don't get it wrong. Hazel spends almost every weekend with her grandparents. But sometimes she has an appetite for an adventure, so once a year for grandparents' day they do something what they don't normally do. Last year Hazel and her grandfather were on a distant river to catch fish. It was enormous fun, although at first it seemed that they wouldn't catch anything. This year Hazel would like to think of something special herself. What will it be? Can she organize it with the help of her brother? You'll find out in the new Baby Hazel Grandparents Day game. Have fun.

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Aug 29, 2019


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